The Spring Prehealth Committee application is now open (as of January 15) and may be submitted until March 15 at 11:59 p.m..

Please read and follow all instructions on the following documents and videos. Additionally, if you have not already done so, please attend 1 session of the Prehealth Committee Student Information Meeting.

Please request access by clicking on the link and you will be directed to provide an email address (preferably UB) and hit SUBMIT.

You will then receive an email that provides you with the URL of the application. You will see in the email that your username to log-in will be the email address you provided. Your password will be temporarily assigned to you. You can then click on the URL to log in to the application.

At the log-in screen, you will be asked to change your password. PASSWORDS WILL BE CASE SENSITIVE.

Request Access to Prehealth Application

Prehealth Committee Applicant Checklist


*Please note that the UB Medical Early Assurance Program has been discontinued.

Important Information and Form for Re-Applicants:

Given the significant load involved with processing spring Prehealth Committee applicants, RE-APPLICANTS are encouraged to contact our office in MAY-JUNE to request an addendum (updated cover letter) for their current application.

Prehealth Committee Addendum Application

The application for the 2016 Re-applicants will be available in April. Re-applicants for 2016 are highly encouraged to complete this application and submit it in May or June 2015.

Re-applicants do NOT come through the full Committee process a second time UNLESS they first came through the Committee as an Early Assurance applicant. Re-applicants are advised to: 1) secure updated letters that reflect any relevant activities since the last application and arrange to have them sent to our office using our current waiver form (found on this website); 2) complete the addendum application, providing our office with a summary of any recent academic work, clinical work, research, etc.; 3) complete a new Release Form (found under "Important Forms"); and 4) pay a $10 re-applicant fee to cover the costs of letter transmission. You can pay the $10 via check, cash or money order (made out to the "University at Buffalo Prehealth Committee") at the same time you submit your Release Form. Please turn in your Release Form when you are ready to submit your actual professional health school application (e.g., AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS).

Finally, please note that as with your original request to secure a Committee letter, the Office of Prehealth Advising and the Prehealth Committee retains the right to run your name by the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Office of Academic Integrity for a disclipinary/academic integrity check if you request an addendum or update to your original Committee letter.

Prehealth Committee

Letters of reference are an important piece of an overall application to the health professional schools. The Prehealth Committee at UB assists students with putting together a comprehensive packet of letters of reference for admission to the professional health schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, veterinary and chiropractic.

The Committee packet (Committee letter and all supporting letters) may *only* be used to apply to the professional health schools noted above as well as post-baccalaureate programs and specific health professions scholarship programs. The Committee packet and/or supporting letters may not be used for research programs, internships, employment positions, etc. Supporting letters cannot be sent to a professional health school by the Prehealth Committee or Prehealth Advising without a Prehealth Committee letter. You may wish to consider securing more general letters of reference (in the event you change your career aspirations or discover you are not competitive for admission) and have these forwarded to a system called Interfolio, which is advocated by UB Career Services.

Dependent on when you are applying to the professional health schools, you may be completing the process as either a sophomore (Early Assurance Programs) or junior/senior/post-grad (regular admission). There are three annual deadlines - March 15 (with individual letters due April 15), September 1, and December 1.

*Please note that allopathic (MD) and dentistry (DDS) applicants are no longer allowed to complete the fall committee cycle due to increased competition for limited seats across MD and DDS programs.

*SUNY Upstate Medical School Early Assurance candidates and UB Dental School Early Assurance candidates may apply to the Prehealth Committee for EITHER December 1 or March 15. Students are encouraged to speak with a prehealth advisor regarding which deadline would be most appropriate for them.

You are best advised to learn about the Committee early in your preparation and complete the Committee process while considering two important factors: the overall timeline of professional school admissions and when you are most competitive. The Prehealth Committee at the University at Buffalo reserves the right to decline a candidate's application to the Committee by any student whose overall and science grade point average is less than a 3.25 at the time of the request. It is the Committee's experience that applicants with academic profiles below this minimum are not competitive for several professional health schools.

You may read the Prehealth Committee Details page, and attend a Prehealth Committee Student Meeting at any point in your academic career.

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