VCOM Post-Baccalaureate Program

This message is from the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)

For those pre-med students who need to improve their credentials for medical school, VCOM’s Post-baccalaureate Program provides two semesters (18 credit hours) of graduate level courses where such students can prove their ability to handle the rigors of a medical school curriculum. Students can apply to any medical school program and the program has a special option for students interested in a VCOM campus.

Upon meeting the following post-baccalaureate benchmarks, students are typically accepted (not just promised an interview) if they earn:

•    A 3.6 GPA in their first semester of the program
•    MCAT score of 24 or higher
•    Exceptional recommendation from the faculty
•    If students do well in the program, the glide year can be eliminated and students may be accepted in December/January!

In the last three years of the program, acceptance into medical school has averaged greater than 60%.  Other highlights of the program include:

•    Live dedicated level courses  – no video-conference lectures from remote sites
•    All courses are taught by medical school faculty
•    Possible elimination of the glide year for VCOM or other school admission.

Interested admission candidates should contact Alisa Hewitt at

William P. King, M.B.A.
Associate Vice President for Student Services
VCOM – Virginia and Carolinas Campuses