Re-applicants do NOT come through the full Committee process a second time UNLESS they first came through the Committee as an early assurance applicant or EOPIM (PDF)candidate.

The application to request an addendum is available beginning mid-May. Re-applicants are highly encouraged to complete this application and submit it in late May or June.  Please remember that the timing of an application and all its components (e.g., transcripts, letters of rec) within an admission cycle is critical.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you *not* ask for an addendum after August 15 of the application year for the MD and DDS programs or beyond October 31 for the DO schools. 

Re-applicants are advised to:

  1. Secure updated letters that reflect any relevant activities since the last application and arrange to have them sent to our office using our waiver form (PDF).
  2. Complete the Addendum Application, which provides our office with a summary of any recent academic work, clinical work, research, etc. If you cannot access electronically, use the paper version (PDF) and neatly hand write it and submit to our office.
  3. Complete a new release form (PDF).
  4. Pay a $10 re-applicant fee to cover the costs of letter transmission. You can pay the $10 via check, cash or money order (made out to the “University at Buffalo Prehealth Committee”) at the same time you submit your release form. Please turn in your release form when you are ready to submit your actual professional health school application (e.g., AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS).

Finally, please note that as with your original request to secure a Committee letter, the Office of Prehealth Advising and the Prehealth Committee retains the right to run your name by the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Office of Academic Integrity for a disciplinary/academic integrity check if you request an addendum or update to your original Committee letter.