Sending Your Packet

If you are applying to MD, DO (osteopathic schools), we will plan to use the central application letter services and the VirtualEvals letter submission system after you complete and submit a release form (PDF).

If you are applying to schools that do do not have a central letter system function or do not participate in VirtualEvals, we will let you know after reviewing your release form. If not, please submit a 9 x 12 pre-addressed envelope (located in 108 Norton Hall) for each school to which you are applying. Postage is currently $1.75 per envelope cash, money order or check and do not provide the actual postage yourself as packets have been returned or delayed due to insufficient postage when provided by the applicant. Again, all of these are submitted to 109 Norton Hall. We can generally forward your letters within 48 hours.

Note for re-applicants: As the professional health schools are becoming more competitive to enter, we have a number of re-applicants requesting our services. Due to the annual fees we need to pay for VirtualEvals and the cost of paper, copy services, and envelopes, we now need to charge a flat fee of $10 per application year to cover these growing expenses. This fee covers you for an unlimited number of schools. Please see more information on the re-applicants page.