Sophomore – Senior Students

Sophomore students are also highly encouraged to read the UB Freshmen and Sophomore Prehealth Handbook: A Guide for College Students Just Getting Started in Their Quest for a Professional Health Career (PDF)

Also, please explore this site thoroughly and be sure to look under the “Events” tab for relevant workshops for you!  Sophomores intended toward Early Assurance Programs and juniors and seniors need to be especially vigilant if you are preparing your application. The “Prehealth Committee” tab is essential for those collecting letters of recommendation in support of an application.

Freshmen who have attended a “Prehealth 101” session, sophomores, candidates for special admission programs (e.g., Early Assurance Programs), juniors, seniors, alumni, and international students may request an appointment to see Amanda Sauter or Libby Morsheimer by calling 716-645-6013. Prospective students, freshmen who have attended a “Prehealth 101” session, sophomores, and candidates for the Early Assurance Programs may schedule an appointment to see Amber Packard or Carl Lam by also calling 716-645-6013.

You may consult with the prehealth assistant in regards to the general Prehealth Committee process and your letter file. The phone number is 716-645-6012.

Juniors/Seniors: Gap/Glide Year Option

Applying to any professional health school is a long and daunting process. We want to assist you in your preparation so that you are a strong candidate.

First, please know that there is no “right time” to apply. Many myths abound, but the reality is that the application process is competitive and nuanced. The best time to apply is when your application is most competitive. Due to the application process stretching out over 12 months time, many students find that they need to take a “gap year” to be truly ready. This is common for applicants and does not look bad to the professional health schools. On the contrary, professional health schools view it as a mature decision to take a more thoughtful process with your application.

One typically applies to a professional health school once the prerequisite courses are completed, which is around the time a student is typically ready to sit for an admission test (MCAT, DAT, OAT, GRE, etc.).  However, please meet with a Prehealth Advisor to discuss the right time for you. Think of your application to professional health school as a puzzle: each piece must be in its place for the puzzle to be complete. It is not enough to have a 4.0 GPA if you are lacking in clinical exposure, in the same way that an exorbitant amount of volunteering and shadowing cannot make up for a GPA that is not competitive.