2019-20 ADEA AADSAS Application Information

ADEA AADSAS® (ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service) provides information and resources for individuals applying to dental school. See below for important changes and details regarding the 2019–20 application cycle. 

 New Participating Schools

  • The University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry will be accepting applicants to their dental programs through ADEA AADSAS. The ADEA AADSAS application will be open to both U.S. and Canadian applicants.

 Gender Question Changes

  • In keeping with societal changes and representing inclusiveness, the gender question in ADEA AADSAS will be different in the upcoming cycle. The new question format is noted below:
    • What is your biological sex? Male, Female, Other, Decline to State
    • Gender Identity. I identify as: Man, Woman, Non-binary, Prefer Not to Answer, Other (allows for self-description).

Soft Launch

  • ADEA AADSAS will have a soft launch on May 14. The soft launch allows applicants three weeks to work on the application before they can official submit starting on June 4.

 Virtual Fair Dates

  • Registration opens soon for the 2019 ADEA GoDental Virtual Fairs on May 22 and 23. Day one of the event, on May 22, provides applicants with more information about the application process, while May 23 gives them an opportunity to interact with participating dental school admissions officers.

 Applicant Fees for the Application Cycle

  • The fees for the 2019–20 application cycle are $251 for the first designation and $108 each additional designation.